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Beaver Trail Update

Beaver Trail UpdateNKTA has been working with the Great Peninsula Conservancy to improve access along the Port Gamble Beaver Pond trail. A rerouted trail provides a path that doesn't disturb the pond's animals was constructed earlier, while the old trail lets visitors get close to a true wonder of nature - beaver dams! NKTA will continue working with GPC this summer complete GPC's project. The old boardwalk will be removed so the loop portion of the trail will be closed, making it an up-and-back walk. However, two new viewpoints will be constructed to create incredible views of the beaver dams and ponds and make the walk well worthwhile! Further south, a new boardwalk that will support horses has replaced the old rickety one. Only some additional gravel for the bridge approaches and installing cedar railing caps remain to be added. We sincerely thank REI for their financial support to improve our trails.

It will take the work of volunteers to make all this happen. Watch this space for days and times of work parties this summer.

Beaver Trail Update