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Port Gamble Heritage Park Update

A lot of trail maintenance and construction was done at North Kitsap Parks this year by NKTA and partner organizations. Grants by REI provided funds for much of the work.

In July the Evergreen Mountain Biking Alliance (EMBA), Great Peninsula Conservancy (GPC) and NKTA cleared brush, etc. from the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park's (PGFHP) Beaver Pond Trail and rerouted a portion of it to decrease the trails impact on beaver activity. The old route has been maintained for a while to serve as a pet free wildlife viewing area.

In August construction was begun on a new boardwalk across Laudine-DeCoteau Creek. Three gabions (rock filled wire cages) were installed to serve as the foundation and cedar logs were obtained to span the creek. The first three logs have been set in place. Once the remaining logs are positioned crossbeams and railings will be installed. The completed structure will open up this trail to horses. Funding was provided by REI.

The Great Peninsula Conservancy led work on REI funded projects in PGFHP east of Hwy. 104. After old pilings were removed from Gamble Bay the parking area was improved, two new scenic lookouts were created, a trail to the water was upgraded and a trail south from the parking area was roughed in between the highway and the bay. Construction on loop trails to overlook the bay has been begun as well. Further improvements to this area and trails will be undertaken next year.

This year's REI Grant funded trail work near the PGFHP Bayview Parking area along with construction of a new trail south of the parking area. A November 19th EMBA/NKTA work-party moved the Stumps trailhead to align it for better visibility and also relocate the entrance to a less muddy location so the area won't be trampled in the wet season. Stumps trail drains were cleaned up and low spots were mucked out of organics and armored with gravel/mineral soil mix. After more than a month of heavy rains the quality of this trail was demonstrated by being dryer than the road leading to it.