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Port Gamble HikesWhether you want to learn more about the Forest and Bay Campaign to transform more Pope Resources forest into a conservation and recreational asset, or just want to take a short hike in the Port Gamble Heritage Park, join NKTA’s Hiking/Biking/Birding tours in July, August and October.  July hikes start at 10am from the Port Gamble Heritage Park trailhead south of Port Gamble.



Take a Guided Hike or Bike Ride in Port Gamble Forest!

If you’ve been waiting for an invitation to explore the Port Gamble Forest trails to find out more about all the hoopla regarding saving this invaluable gem in our North Kitsap midst, wait no longer!  The Kitsap Forest and Bay Community Campaign and the North Kitsap Trails Association invite you to a Hiking/Biking/Birding series of Meet-ups in July, August and October to introduce those of you who haven’t had the opportunity, or have just felt shy about “going it alone” on the myriad trails in the PGF, to take a guided tour of these beautiful trails!  Check out the Meet-Up schedule below and find the one just right for you.  Volunteer guides for these tours are members of the North Kitsap Trails Association, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance or Kitsap Audubon Society who use and enjoys these trails all year long. 

You can help raise awareness in the North Kitsap community about the Kitsap Forest and Bay Community Campaign to preserve these nearly 3,000 acres in Port Gamble, just by taking a walk or going for a ride.  Currently hosting over 60 miles of public use trails, the Forest is a place where over 20,000 hikers, bird watchers, mountain bikers, equestrians, cyclists and runners all recreate through the generosity of the property owners and managers, Pope Resources and Olympic Property Group. By taking a walk, going for a bike ride or simply listening and looking for the wide variety of birds and other wildlife living in the Forest, you will be taking your first steps to help preserve this unique treasure, located right here in our own backyard.  We feel confident, once you experience it, that you will appreciate this once-in-forever opportunity and want to do whatever it takes to make a dream become reality!


Hiking – Sat. 7/23
Hiking – Tue. 7/26

Hiking/Biking – Sat. 8/27
Hiking – Tue. 8/30

Birding/Biking – Sat. 10/01
Birding/Biking – Wed. 10/05

All tours will start at 10:00 am and meet at Stumps Trailhead – on the west side of Hwy 104, about a mile south of Port Gamble town.  Pack a sack lunch for a picnic. 

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