North Kitsap Trails Association

Building Trails for Our Future

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For the past seven years NKTA has worked with Kitsap County and other local organization to promote the acquisition of right-of-way for future trails and parks. As a result we've seen the creation of the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, expanded the North Kitsap Heritage Park and Bainbridge Island has obtained grants for construction of an initial portion of that trail from the ferry terminal to High School Road. We initiated work with Kitsap County to obtain a $500,000 RCO grant to construct a bicycle ride park near Port Gamble (think ski area for mountain bicycles) and another grant for $740,000 to acquire right-of-way through parts of the OPG property south of Port Gamble.

Hopefully, we are in the final stages of obtaining the right-of-ways for the Sound to Olympic ("String of Pearls") trails. A fund raising drive has begun to raise money to acquire as much of the remaining acreage south of Port Gamble as possible. As park property is acquired we are finally be able to spend more time on the thing people prefer - actually constructing trails. We have scheduled several trail construction projects for this summer. Come out and enjoy working with us to improve the North Kitsap trail experience and celebrate our achievements. I hope some of you will find the experience rewarding enough to volunteer to become more active members of the organization. You can make it happen!

Evan Stoll; President, NKTA