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Much of NKTA's work involves promoting trails and obtaining grants to expand or improve them. It is a relief to get out and actually work on them. We are looking forward to several opportunities to do so this year, so get out your trails tools and be ready to go!

June 4th - National Trails Day:
Millie's TrailNational Trails Day is the perfect time to do maintenance on Millie's Trail. Three years ago Millie Dove Muller and her family provide public access for a non-motorized trail across their private property to connect Big Valley road to the adjacent land and trails owned by Pope Resources. We are happy to say that the trail has been well used; so much so that when I went to use the trail a month ago there was no room in the parking area. A Dove family told me recently that Millie use to excitedly go to a window and watch when she was told someone had come to use the trail. Come prepared, rain or shine, to improve drainage and improve the tread of this delightful path. Saturday, June 4th 10AM - 12PM, 24472 Big Valley Road (look for the NKTA Sign)

Beaver Pond Trail Boardwalk:
Last year NKTA received an REI Grant to replace a substandard boardwalk on the Beaver Pond Trail near Port Gamble. We have been delayed doing that work while permits were obtained but expect to receive them sometime soon. When we get them we will work with the Great Peninsula Conservancy and the Back Country Horsemen to construct a 40 foot log boardwalk across the Creek. We'll let you know when once we get the permits.


Stumps Trail and Extension:
The trails in the vicinity of the Bayview Trailhead in the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park (PGFHP) have received increased recreational traffic since the parking area was restored. They are especially nice for families and children that like a gentle walk on a foot path through the woods. This project would renovate those trails, fixing tread and improving drainage, to provide a pleasant year around recreational experience. Sign posts will be erected at intersections to provide directions and distances and a map created to show the trails in the immediate area of the trailhead. The project will also create up about 1.2 miles of new trail just south of there to provide additional hiking and biking through relatively level forested terrain. The combined work will add or improve over 2 miles of easily assessable hiking and biking trails. We have applied for an REI Grant to fund this work and hope to complete most of it before the rains come in the fall. Again we will let you know work dates as soon as they can be established.