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 - Please help with Port Gamble trailhead cleanup!!
Saturday February 21, 8:30 AM - 1 PM - 

If you care about trails and love the Port Gamble trails like we do, please come help spruce up the trail heads. On Saturday morning, February 21 NKTA is teaming up with our partners Kitsap County Parks, EMBA-West Sound and Great Peninsula Conservancy for one big Port Gamble trail head cleanup day. We'll meet at the Uplands parking area (closest to Port Gamble) at 8:30 and from there spread out to the different trail heads. Unfortunately, over the years people have dumped garbage at the trailheads, and there's even been a lost bike helmet or two. Yes, we'll be picking up garbage but we promise it will be fun, and afterwards we'll have a BBQ and celebrate the good work we've done. We'll mostly be near the roads (so probably not great for little kids), bagging and loading stuff right onto the trucks to be hauled away. Bring your leather gloves and your old clothes. The rest of us will bring the garbage bags, the trucks and the food!

Also, we need your help keeping an eye on the trail heads. If you see someone dumping garbage or driving doughnuts in a parking area, please call the police. We all want our trailheads clean and safe, so let's team up. Just like on the ferries, if you "See something, Say something!"