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 - REI sponsors trail projects in Kingston & Poulsbo - 

November 1, was a huge day for REI supported stewardship projects in North Kitsap. Three great projects in one busy, busy, busy day!

Kingston Village Green volunteers built a new trail by the Kingston Green, over one hundred volunteers helped remove invasive species and plant trees on the Port Gamble shoreline, and Brett Knutson and his busy crew of volunteers built a new trail in Raab Park in Poulsbo. Raab Park is one of the most active parks in Poulsbo but hasn't had a walking route at the main entry--mom's with toddlers and strollers have had to walk in the road. Brett planned the new trail as part of his Eagle Scout Project. He organized volunteers, recruited donations and along with his family pulled off the entire construction in one big day of work. Good for Brett-we're glad he chose NKTA and REI to partner with on his great Eagle Scout project. REI funded the materials and donated those cool T shirts!


And tools, tools, tools! To support volunteer stewardship trail projects, REI has provided funds for an array tools! NKTA teamed up with our partners at the NK Heritage Park, EMBA West Sound and even Poulsbo's Fish Park volunteers to come up with a "most wanted" list. So 2015 should be a busy year to put all those great tools to work building and maintaining trails. We can't wait to get those shiny new tools nice and dirty!