North Kitsap Trails Association

Building Trails for Our Future

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Mission Statement for NKTA

To unite North Kitsap County with a regional system of land and water trails that promotes stewardship of natural resources and enhances our communities’ livability.


Mission Statement for NKTA Plan Committee


To create a Concept Plan that will guide development of the regional land and water trail system today, and will continue to shape a legacy of integrated trails and open space in North Kitsap County.


Vision for the North Kitsap Trails System


A system of land and water trails that connects North Kitsap communities, Tribal lands, parks, and private development, to provide opportunities for walking, biking, paddling, observing wildlife, horseback riding and non-motorized transportation.  A regional trail system that boosts community pride, community connections and the local economy

Goals for the North Kitsap Trails System

  • Work with community leaders, local and Tribal governments, private developers, community members and our neighbors to develop public-private partnerships for creating a seamless system of connected multi-surface and multi-use trails.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles by designing a trail system that accommodates citizens of all ages and abilities with diverse outdoor recreation activities.
  • Establish trail routes that highlight the natural beauty of our region and promote appreciation of wildlife and natural systems.
  • Encourage innovative land uses to maximize public open space and development of trails between North Kitsap communities, working forests, agricultural areas and new development.
  • Provide educational opportunities and identify points of interest throughout the trail system that highlight cultural resources, working lands, local history and natural science.
  • Connect our trails with other regional, county and cross-state trail systems. Promote our trail system as an eco-tourism destination and enticement for economic development.
  • Encourage non-motorized transportation by offering multiple trail access points and safe, reasonably-direct routes between North Kitsap communities, our ferries and bridges, and popular destinations within each community.
  • Create a network of water trails and "trail heads" that allow public access to the shoreline with launch sites for people in human‐poweredboats to enjoy the scenic and environmental richness of Puget Sound.